Features of AOMEI Backupper:

  • System Backup with One Click Make system image full backup.
  • Disk Backup, entire disk, or multiple disks.
  • Partition Backup, including separate partition or dynamic volume.
  • File backup, automatically or manually.
  • File Sync, automatically daily weekly or set real time sync mode.
  • Schedule Backup, auto backup schedule with real time sync.
  • Full Backup, Make exact copy of you partition or disk or System image with AOMEI Backuper
  • Incremental and Differential Backup change backup as per file change on your full backup.
  • Hot Backup make your backup without restarting of your system.
  • Command Line Backup, you can use CMD to backup, restore or clone.
  • External or internal Storage Backup make your backup on external Sd or USB or HDD, so you will never lose you data by having extra copy of your system backup.
  • CD/DVD/BD-R Backup make your backup on CD, DVD, OR even Blu-ray Disk.
  • NAS/Shared network Backup, you can choose (NAS) Network Attached Storage or also mapped drive to make backup.
  • Cloud Backup, you can make backup up to 7 cloud storage drives.
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