1. Comply with the law, standards and procedures;
  2. Intervene on unsafe or non-compliant conditions;
  3. Respect our neighbors


So, if you and I

Respect those we work and come into contact with.

We will intervene on unsafe or non-compliant actions and in doing so

Achieve compliance with the law, standards and procedures

Guide and Information about Golden Rules

What would be the consequences of NOT complying, of NOT intervening, NOT respecting?

What we need to COMPLY:

  •  International laws
  •  Government Laws
  •  Company Policies
  •  Company Standards
  •  Company Procedures
  •  Company Specifications
  •  Company Code of practices
  •  Company Guidelines
  •  Company standing instructions etc.


  •  Unsafe Acts
  •  Unsafe Conditions
  •  Non-compliances
  •  When there are potential risks to People, Assets, Environment & Reputation

Who should we RESPECT:

  •  Our Superiors
  •  Our Colleagues
  •  Our Subordinates
  •  Our Neighbours (Other companies, Third parties and Environment etc).