Welcome www.FreeWayOS.com  is here to share another free giveaway, good news for all gamers you can download Grand Theft Auto V Premium also called GTA5 for free legally,

Please carefully read post or watch video for full details at the end of the post to Download Grand Theft Auto V Premium for free without any error.




To get this game

you need to create a free Epic Games account. If you don’t have Epic Games account already, go to Epic Games’ website to register a new account, you can use you email to sign-up or you can sign up with you google account or Facebook account.

Once you have account, click below the download link to visit promotion page to get this game for free.

Note: this may not be available in all regions

click here to go to visit promotion page and click the GET the button.

Next, make sure the TOTAL says $0.00 as shown in picture above the post and click PLACE ORDER.

That’s it Now simply download and install the game,

Have fun, then enjoy!

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