XAMPP is one of the famous software for most of website developer and publishers, before we get start lets us understand.

What is XAMPP?

XAMPP is an open source software which is developed by Apache friends, the main use of XAMPP is to test the website locally without need of internet before uploading to the web server.

It is always best to test website locally before publishing online as locally testing speed will be faster, most common example is WordPress and html website testing or php scripts testing, also you can get preinstalled WordPress or other application from apache friends as a beginner you can go for that,

But for professional use it is always best to install XAMPP so you can install multiple Applications at the same time.

XAMPP Features:

There are lots of features depending on your use few are mentioned below:




phpMyAdmin, to install WordPress, html sites, or php scripts and so on.

Now let’s dive in how you can download and install XAMPP, you can do this by following steps

  1. Download XAMPP
  2. Install XAMPP on your PC
  3. Installing WordPress

Let’s get started:

  1. Download XAMPP

Download XAMPP from official site

Download link here

  1. Install XAMPP on your PC

XAMPP by following on screen instructions or you can watch video at the end of this article for easy to understand.

  1. Installing WordPress

As mentioned earlier you can install many of Applications in this article i am going to show you how you can install WordPress locally on Localhost with XAMPP.

You can follow this guide or for easy to understand you may watch guide at the end of this article.

Step 1.

Download Latest WordPress from official website

Download link Here

Step 2.

Start XAMPP Control Panel and make sure you Start

Apache and MySQL

Now click on MySQL Admin

Then click on Databases to create a new database in this scenario I am creating a database name freewayos

You can create as per your need once you created a database.

Now visit http://localhost/ in your browser of your choice like Google Chrome or Firefox etc.

Step 3.

Copy WordPress files as downloaded earlier from WordPress site make sure you extract these files in XAMPP installation directory inside htdocks folder, them name this WordPress folder as per need as in this scenario I named freewayos

Step 4.

Now let configure wordpress website in you browser type http://localhost/freewayos (here instead of freewayos you may type name of the database earlier created by MySQL Admin area)

Select language

Next screen type

Database name: freewayos

(as created earlier it has to be the same to link the database with WordPress installation).

Username leave as it is root

Password leave it blank (as by default WordPress installation password is blank)

All other fields leave it same as it is and click submit.

If you complete all the steps correctly you site is ready to use.