This is quick and fastest method to transfer email account along with all folder i.e. (inbox send and other) from one Webhosting to another Webhosting.  There are various methods to transfer email account although this is the easiest method, if you can access your Webhosting cPanel or Ftp. 

Access Old Webhosting email folder

To transfer old email account (Folder), you may click on File Manager from you cPanel to access mail folder or access through Ftp account. 
If you have large size of email account, then this is right choice for you to compress.  Follow instruction as shown in below picture: to compress email folder. 
  1. Right click on your email account folder (located inside mail folder in your cPanel)
  2. And click on Compress.
3. Then choose compression method and click on compress files.
4. Then simply download the compressed file and transfer into new email account.

Access your new Webhosting cPanel of Ftp.

5. Make sure you create email account with the same name username and password (from new Webhosting cPanel).
6. From new Webhosting cPanel you may open File Manager and navigate to mail folder and click on Upload (to upload previously downloaded your old email zip file)
7.Extract into new Webhosting mail folder (overwrite old files if there is any)
Congratulation your email account has been transferred to new Webhosting, you may sign in with new email account. 

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