Simplify Animated Video Creation with Only 4 Steps

  1. Create New or Select Template Start a new blank project or use online template.

  2. Add Multimedia Contents Drag and drop images, shapes, SVG and SWF to enrich video.

  3. Animate Everything Use entrance, emphasis and exit animation effects.

  4. Publish and Share Publish animation video to cloud, offline video or GIF.

Thousands of Free Assets

A huge library of free media objects is ready to be used for creating animated videos or gifs. Images, SVGs, animation widgets, effects, SWFs, symbols, shapes and charts will certainly enrich your animated video.

Subtitle & Recording

Make animation video like a Pro with caption and voice narration expression. Record your own voice to vividly explain points, then customize subtitling with perfect look will make audiences better understand animation video.

Speaking Dynamic Roles

Teacher, Businessman, Doctor, Waiter, Student, Police, Tour Guide, Worker, Customer, 40 types of roles will bring great surprise for audiences. With the help of roles, you can simply convey messages.

Multi-track Timeline

Multi-track timeline ensures everything is under your control, including Camera, Background, Foreground and Animation. You can customize the animation effect and duration with powerful timeline with ease.

Surprising Infinite Canvas

Logically explain contents on unlimited canvas. It is perfect for managing contents from part to whole, or from whole to part.

Hundreds of Online Templates

Start with online template is a quick way to make animation video. You can simply create a new animated video with replacing the content of template.

Stunning Scene Transition

A nature way to transfer scenes from one to another. Intuitive effect like Hand Pull, Blind, Flip Book and Shop Line can enrich the video content efficiently.

Lively Camera Settings

Go straight to your points quickly with lively cameras design. Easily amaze audiences with zooming, panning and rotating camera effects.

3 Types of Animation Effects

No more boring contents. Utilize entrance, emphasis and exit animation effects to bring contents to life and create emotional impact.

Flexible Video Distribution

Publish animation video as online video, offline video or Gif. Then share with global audiences on social media or channels.

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