NameCheap Domain DNS Change This post contains all the steps and information that will help change your Domain name DNS (Domain Name Server) to point to your hosting. What you will understand from this post:
  • How to change your website DNS to custom to point it to your webhosting.
Steps Step 1: click on “Domain List – (once you login to your Namecheap account)” in “Domain List – select Manage for your desire domain the one you want to change DNS”   Step 1 screenshot.  Step 2: go to NAMESERVERS section “Namecheap Basic DNS – from “Dropdown list – select Custom DNS Step 2 screenshot. Step 3: Type your Custom DNS (you can get your DNS from your hosting provider), make sure you enter two DNS record. Step 3 screenshot. Step 4: Finally click on Green tick. Step 4 screenshot.

Additional DetailsCongratulations if you follow all of the steps correctly your Domain is up and running you may add your domain from your Hosting panel Note: depending on your location DNS record may take up to 24 hours or more “unless your server location is US where it make take shorter time.