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MSE Code:
PDO lift plan

Audit plan letter

MSE Code:

GU-725 – Health Risk Assessment

GU-140 – C9 HSE Specification (Contracts)

GU-653 Behavior Based Safety Behavior Based Safety

GU-432 – Road Transport HSE CASE

GU-375 – Guideline for conducting Defect Elimination Analysis (Root Cause Analysis & Failure Investigation)

GU-377 – Guideline for carrying out Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Analysis

GU-432 A – Appendix – Road Transport HSE CASE

GU-437 – Guideline on SIL Assessments and Implementation Guideline

GU-445 – Transport Operations Guidelines

GU-463 – Task Risk Assessment

GU-501 – Guidelines for Excavating and Working Around Live Pipelines

GU-690 – Guidelines for Controlling Reversing Vehicle.

GU-363 Guidance Working at Height and Access

GU-273 – PTW Job safety plan

Winch Operation Lift Plan

GU-195 – Environment Assessment Guideline

GU-447 – Integrated Impact Assessment Guidelines

GU-634 – Guidelines for Sampling of Sewage for Sewage Treatment Plant

GU-643 – Green IT Strategy

GU-611 – PDO Guide to Engineering Standards and Procedures

GU-625 – PDO Operations and Maintenance Related Documents

GU-648 – Guide for Applying Process Safety In Projects
MSE4 – Head of Technical Safety Engineering

GU-655 Demonstrating ALARP

GU-230 – Fire and Explosion Risk Management (FERM) Facility plan Guideline

GU-289 – PDO Security Guide

GU-425 – GU-425 Contracting and Procurement Guidelines

GU-513 – Guidelines for Alarm Management and Rationalization

GU-622 – Contract Performance Management (CPM) Framework Guideline

GU-632 – Water Management Control Framework Guideline

GU-464 – HSE Guideline: HSE is Teamwork

GU-573 – HSE Guideline – Managing HSE Issues in Company organized or supported Field trips and Social Events

GU-612 – Incident Notification and Investigation Guideline

GU-624 – Permit to Work Licensing Guidelines

GU-441 Level 2 and 3 HSE Audit Rev 2

GU-673 – Guidelines for HSE Training

PR-2010 I – HSE Training Procedure

GU-288 – Emergency Response Document Part IV, Guidelines
infrastructure Director

GU-576 – Blowout Contingency Plan

MSE Code:
Suitability check list mobile cranes for man riding


CP-122 HSE Code of Practice

CP-122 Summary (Arabic-English)

MSE CodeOthers
CP-102 – Corporate Document Management

CP-107 – Corporate Management Framework

CP-111 – Relationship With Stakeholders

CP-114 – Maintenance & Integrity Management

CP-115 – Operation of Surface Product Flow Assets

CP-117 – Project Engineering

CP-118 – Well Lifecycle Integrity

CP-126 – Personnel and Asset Security

CP-129 – Contracting and Procurement

CP-131 – Risk and Opportunity Management

CP-162 – Internal Communication

CP-100 Policy Approval

CP-109 – Delegation of Authority

CP-116 – Information Planning and Appraisal

CP-127 – IM & T Security

CP-130 – HLD COP for Learning & Development Services

CP-132 – Logistics Services

CP-136 -Planning in PDO

CP-139 – Corporate Data Management

CP-141 – Use of Concession Land by Third Parties

CP-145 – Optimization Management

CP-146 – Social Investment

CP-148 – Media Relations

CP-152 – Resourcing and Leadership Development

CP-156 – Integrated Activity Planning

CP-174 – Omanisation

CP-180 – Recruitment

CP-190 – Quality Management System for Project Delivery

CP-193 – Inventory Management

CP-196 – Surplus Materials Management

CP-123 – Emergency Response Documents Part I

MSE Code:
Audit Checklist for Lifting equipment. operations 2.13

Categorizing Lifting Operations

Color Code Requirements in PR-1708


SP-2202 Specification for Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

PR-1243 – Emergency Procedures Part III, Contingency Plans Volume 13 Medical Emergencies

PR-1243B – Emergency Procedures part III- Vol 12 Medical Emergency Response Manual Part II- Site Specific MER Procedure

PR-1972 Safe Driver

PR-1973 Safe Vehicle

PR-1974 Safe Journey

PR-1042 – General Operational Safety

PR-1171 – Part I Contract HSE Management – Mandatory for PDO Personnel Involved in Contract Management
HSE Team Lead – HSE in Contracts

PR-1171 – Part II Contract HSE Management – Mandatory for Contractors & Contract Holders
HSE Team Lead – HSE in Contracts

PR-1045 – Hazardous Substances

PR-1827 – Exploration Office Safety Procedure

PR-1993 IVMS-GU-PR-2013

PR-1997 – Contractor HSE Technical Evaluation (Banding)

PR-1084 – Leak / Spill Management, Site Clean-Up and Restoration

PR-1419 – Abandonment and Restoration Procedure

PR-1975 Waste Management

PR-1976 Environmental Permitting

PR-1103 – Chemical Injection

PR-1278 Chemicals Receipt and Storage Procedure

PR-2018 – Laboratory Chemicals Management Emergency Procedure

PR-1000 – Operations Handover Procedure

PR-1696 – HAZOP Procedure

PR-1971 HAZID Procedure

PR-1029 – Competence Assessment & Assurance

PR-1047 – Well Integrity Maintenance

PR-1048 – Well Control / Well Kill

PR-1076 – Isolation of Process Equipment Procedure

PR-1232 – Design Integrity Review Procedure

PR-1233 – Contract & Procurement Procedure (CPP)

PR-1961- Process Leak Management

PR-1172 – Permit to Work Procedure

PR-1154 – Gas Testing Procedure

PR-1001a – Facility Change Proposal Procedure

PR-1001b – Trip Alarm SCADA Settings Change Procedure

PR-1001c – Temporary Override of Safeguarding System Procedure

PR-1001e – Operations Procedure Temporary Variance

PR-1001x – Operations Variance and Change Management

PR-1002 – Operations Excavation Procedure

PR-1005 – Maintenance and Inspection Activity Variance Control Procedure

PR-1023 – Automation Systems Software Management Procedure

PR-1489 – Well Test Operations

PR-1034 – Wireline Operations Procedure

PR-1035 – Well Pulling Hoist Operations

PR-1036 – Coiled Tubing Operations

PR-1038 – Workshop Operations

PR-1039 – High Pressure Operations – Fracture Stimulation Operations Procedure

PR-1052 – Preparation and Updating of Station Plant Operating Manuals

PR-1073 – Gas Freeing, Purging and Leak Testing of Process Equipment and Pipework

PR-1079 – Gas Freeing and Purging of Petroleum Storage Tanks

PR-1083 – Safe Working on the Roof of a Floating Roof Tank

PR-1086 – Locked Valve and Spectacle Blind Control

PR-1088 – Organizational & Staff Changes Process Control

PR-1098 – Well Activity Coordination and Control

PR-1106 – Changes and Administration of Authorities

PR-1159 – Commissioning and Start-up

PR-1247 – Project Change Control & Standard Variance Procedure

PR-1473 – Well Barrier & Isolation

PR-1721 – Shutdown Management

PR-1947 – Electrical Safety Rules

PR-1948 – Electrical Safety Operating Procedures

PR-1960 – Control of Portable Temporary Equipment

PR-1710 – Lifting Equipment Numbering Procedure

SP-2062 -HSE Specifications for HSE Cases

PR-1081 – The Buddy System Procedure

PR-1148 – Entry into a Confined Space Procedure

PR-1263 – Managing HSE in Exploration Directorate

PR-1264 – Exploration HSE Procedure (Deep Oil)

PR-1357 – HLD – HSE Procedure for Learning and Development Centers

PR-1418 – Incident Notification and Investigation

PR-1433 – HSE Management in Exploration Laboratory

PR-1453 – Hazardous Substances

PR-1501 – Fire Brigade Procedure

PR-1515 – Onsite Mercury Management Procedure

PR-1712 – Level 3 Audit (Engineering Operations)

PR-1797 – PDO Airports Safety Management System

PR-1829 – Exploration Worksite Hazards Procedure

PR-1830 – Exploration Contractor HSE Management Procedure

PR-1957 – Issue Identification and Management Process

PR-1969 Corporate HSE Audits

PR-1970 HSE-MS Review

PR-1980 HSE Competence Assurance

PR-1981 Chemical Management

PR-2010 II – HSE Training Provision Approvals and Quality Assurance

PR-2010 I – HSE Training Procedure

MSE CodeOthers
PR-1418 – Incident Notification and Investigation

PR-1066 – Emergency Response document Part III Contingency Plan, Volume III Production Operations

PR-1067 – Emergency Response Documents Part III, Contingency Plan Volume 4 Main Oil Line

PR-1068 – Emergency Response Document part III Contingency Plan Volume V Terminal & Tank Farm Operations

PR-1069 – Emergency Response Document Part III Contingency Plans Volume VI Marine Operations

PR-1091 – Operations Emergency Telephone Network Procedure

PR-1147 – Operational Integrity Testing of Fixed Firefighting Systems

PR-1168 – Emergency Response Documents Part III, Contingency Plan Volume VII Power Systems Operations Interior

PR-1223 – Emergency Procedures Part III, Contingency Plans Volume 12 External Affairs & Communications

PR-1243 – Emergency Procedures Part III, Contingency Plans Volume 13 Medical Emergencies

PR-1243B – Emergency Procedures part III- Vol 12 Medical Emergency Response Manual Part II- Site Specific MER Procedure

PR-1246 – Emergency Procedure Part III, Contingency Plans Volume 14 Government Gas System

PR-1275 – Emergency Procedure Part III, Contingency Plans Volume 15 South Oman Gas line

PR-1287 – Emergency Procedures part III Contingency Plans, vol II Well Engineering Operations

PR-1299 – Management of First Aid and Evacuation Within Corporate Affairs Department

PR-1301 – Emergency Procedures part III Contingency Plans, vol II Personnel Centre

PR-1329 – Emergency Procedures part III Contingency Plans, vol 10 Mina al-Fahal Ras Al- Hamra Building

PR-1447 – Emergency Well Control for Central Oman LNG Gas Wells

PR-1618 – Emergency procedures during operation demand

PR-1656 – Emergency Response Document Part III Contingency Plans Volume 8 – Information Management & Technology

PR-1707 Disclosure Procedure

PR-1789 – Corporate Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

PR-1802 – PDO Fahud Emergency Plan

PR-1805 – PDO MARMUL Emergency Plan

PR-1808 – PDO Qarn Alam Emergency Plan

PR-1958 – Suspected Object Bomb Threat

PR-1065 – Emergency Response Documents Part II – Company Procedure

MSE Code:
SP-2275 – Lifting and Hoisting Procedure Inspection Testing and Certification

SP-1170 Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)

SP-1218 – Radioactive Sources

SP-1230 Medical Examination, Treatment and Facilities

SP-1231 Occupational Health

SP-1232 Public Health

SP-1233 Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol

SP-1237 Ionizing Radiation

SP-2222 Heat Stress Standard V1.0 (OPAL Standard)

SP-2273 Specification for Lift Planning and execution

SP-1256 – HSE Specification – Camps, Offices, Labs, Workshops and Industrial Safety

SP-1257 Work at Height and Access

SP-2001 Load Safety and Restraining

SP-2085 – PDO Oilfield Transport & Interior Based Vehicle Specifications

SP-2097 – WE Specification for the Prevention of Dropped Objects

SP-1234 Personal Protective Equipment

SP-1259 Safety Training Observation Programmed (STOP)

SP-2000 Road Safety Standard (OPAL Standard)

SP-1008 Conservation of Natural Resources

SP-1010 Environmental Noise

SP-1011 Biodiversity

SP-1012 Land Management

SP-1225 – Environmental Management

SP-1013 – HSE Specification – Environmental Permitting

SP-1170 – HSE Specification – Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials

SP-1194 Chemical Management

SP-2194 – Specification for Environmental Management

SP-1127 – Layout of plant equipment and facilities

SP-1258 Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

SP-1131 – Handover and As-built documentation

SP-1190-1 – H2S & SO2 Management – The Basics, Classification and Sour Contracts
Technical Safety Engineering

SP-1219 – Well Engineering Hydrogen Supplied Specification

SP-1278 – Specification for Site Selection and Soil Investigation Works Engineering Guidelines

SP-1284 – Signs and Signboards

SP-2017 – Well Failure Model

SP-2061 – Technical Authority System

SP-2113 – Specification for Commissioning and Start-Up (Key Principals)

SP-2110 – AI-PSM Assurance Framework

SP-1075 – HSE Specification – Fire and Explosion Risk Management (FERM)

SP-1190-4 – H2S & SO2 Management – Operations
CFDH Technical Safety Engineering

SP-1190–3 – H2S & SO2 Management – Engineering Design
CFDH Technical Safety Engineering

SP-1157 HSE Training

SP-2087 – Specification for Onsite Mercury Management

SP-2037 Well Engineering Specification for the Use of Equipment in Hazardous Areas

MSE Code:
Accredited Lifting Operations Personnel Training Institutes

Appr. Crane Companies List

Safety alerts


Approved Lifting Inspection Agencies (LIA)

List of PDO Qualified Lifting Inspectors List

Template Email for internal and external notification

Form for Initial Notifications

Template Email from Operations to Senior PDO Management

Memory aid Activity at the Time

Memory aid Activity beforehand

Memory aid Environment

Memory aid Equipment

Memory aid Injured person

Memory aid Management information

Memory aid Other parties

Memory aid Third parties

Form for Minor and Low Incident Investigation

Template Statement of Fitness to Restart

Form for Road Traffic Incident Investigation

Form for Medium Potential Incident Investigation

Template Medium and High Incident Investigation Report

Template Non Accidental Death Investigation Report

Template IRC PowerPoint presentation

Template IRC Redline Action Close Out presentation