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What is Udemy?

Like other LMS (Learning management systems) Udemy is one of top online Learning platform for professional adults or students, Udemy developed in may 2010, ever since Udemy rapidly growth bring more than 50 million students and more than 60,000 instructors teaching courses over 65 languages all over the world, with Udemy you can learn throw web browser or from Udemy mobile application.

How to get Udemy Paid Courses for Free:

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6 Udemy Paid Course:

  Note*: after registration you can excess training Course for lifetime, make sure Enroll before Offer expire.  Also visit ReviewXY and Get more Paid Udemy Course    

1.    English vocabulary: Learn more than 200 words for beginners

What you’ll learn ·        Learn the most used vocabulary that anyone speaks English should know Download/Link Here    

2.    PSM2 Professional Scrum Master II Certification Practice

Prepare for your Professional Scrum Master II certification PSM2™ with many practice tests and tips. Get a high score! Download/Link Here      
  1. Python Basics Bootcamp for Beginners in Data Science
What you’ll learn
  • Python Basics
  • Python Lists
  • Python Dictionaries
  • While Loops
  • For Loops
  • Python Functions
Download/Link Here    

4.    Microsoft Outlook Master Class 2020: Professional Emails

What you’ll learn ·        In this course you will learn all basic Outlook 2020 skills. ·        You will learn how Microsoft Outlook works from scratch. ·        You will learn how to create an Outlook account. ·        You will learn to create and use signatures in Outlook. ·        You will learn how to write professional emails in Outlook and how to create tasks. ·        You will be familiar with handling junk commercial emails and spam emails. ·        You will learn everything about the appointment calendar, appointment management & address book management. ·        Use e-mails, calendar, contacts, tasks and much more efficiently in one place. ·        Learn to use Outlook efficiently and safely! Download/Link Here      
  1. Learn HTML- Beginner to Advanced
  What you’ll learn
  • Master HTML5 Web and App Development from beginner to advanced level
  • At the end of the course you will be able to create HTML5 websites on your own
  • Opportunity to test your knowledge about HTML with the quiz
  • You will have opportunity to refresh what you know with the final project
Download/Link Here      
  1. Image Classifier with Django and React
  What you’ll learn
  • How to create REST API with Django Rest Framework
  • How to implement “drag and drop” functionality with Dropzone
  • How to integrate Django and React
  • How to integrate Keras Neural Network Model with Django
  • How to create Single Page Application
  • How the basic of React work
  • How to add features to React app like: load more or spinners
  • How to classify images on the backend
Download/Link Here                     


      8 Udemy Paid Course:

        Note*: after registration you can excess training Course for lifetime, make sure Enroll before Offer expire.  Also visit ReviewXY and Get more Paid Udemy Course  
      1. Developer Tools

      What you’ll learn

      • Chrome Dev Tools
      • Lighthouse
      • Puppeteer
      • Workbox
      • Polymer
      • Angular
      • Page Speed Module
      Download/Link Here    
      1. Domain Trading

      What you’ll learn

      • Domain Trading
      • Flippa
      • Sedo
      • GoDaddy Auction
      • Namecheap
      • Afternic
      • Ebay
      • Namepros
      • NameJet
      • Domaining
      • Domainstate
      • Snapnames
      • Bido
      • Namebio
      • Domain name sales
      • Namerific
      Download/Link Here      
      1. Website Flipping
      What you’ll learn
      • Website Flipping
      • Flippa
      • Exchange
      • FE International
      • Latona’s
      • Empire Flippers
      • QuietLight Brokerage
      • Digital Exits
      • Website Properties
      • Sedo
      • Side Projectors
      Download/Link Here    
      1. Apache Web Server

      What you’ll learn

      • Apache Web Server
      Download/Link Here      
      1. Instagram Marketing 2020 – Learn Best Strategies That Work
        What you’ll learn
      • Step by step methods for growing your Instagram account
      • Ideas and techniques you can apply to your own Instagram account right now
      • Strategies, techniques, software and methods for your Instagram account promotion
      • Automated promotion alorithms
      Download/Link Here      
      1. Synthesizable VHDL Programming and FPGAs
        What you’ll learn
      • Synthesizable VHDL Circuit Design and FPGA programming using VHDL
      Download/Link Here      
      1. Blogging for Beginners – Tips to Blog Successfully in 2020
      What you’ll learn
      • Learn the ins and outs of blogging platforms and how to choose the platform that suits your needs.
      • How to setup your blog from scratch using WordPress.
      • Defining Your Audience, Business Goals & Objectives.
      • Social Media Marketing For Traffic.
      • How to create content which engages your audience and makes them want to share your posts.
      • Different types of content and how to come up with ideas so that you don’t run out of steam or get frustrated.
      • The all important topic of generating traffic to your blog – where to find it, what to do to grow it and how to get your blog noticed.
      • An introduction to SEO so that you can understand better how to get your posts to show up in search.
      • Techniques for promoting & maintaining your new blog
        Download/Link Here    
      1. Super-Fast Web Design using Weebly
        What you’ll learn
      • Get introduced to the Weebly website builder
      • Choose a great theme that is appropriate for your site
      • Play around with text and fonts in the weebly builder interface
      • Set-up your webpages and blog using Weebly
      • Learn to add a visual Google Map in your contact page for your site
      • Add buttons and link them to any page or site
      • A quick note on Weebly and Google Analytics (GA)
      • Embed a YouTube video in your site in a simple and fast way
      • Add a Background looping video on your homepage to create an engaging look for your users
      • Know about the weebly app store and installation of apps
      • Know how to add animated page effects in weebly
      • Know more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Web-Design Trends
      Show less Download/Link Here